I’m not usually an American Idol-watcher, but I did catch wind of Katy Perry’s guest-judging stint last night in Los Angeles. For those of you who didn’t see it, Perry replaced Avril Lavigne for the second day of LA auditions. After Lavigne, who didn’t manage to convince anyone that she’s functionally conversant in English (much less that she is now or has ever been musically relevant), Perry was a breath of fresh air. She was breezy, funny, and mean to the other judges.

A brief chronicle of what may turn out to be Katy Perry’s finest hour: Perry showed up for her day of judging to news that the other judges were arriving in a helicopter, which she pronounced “ridiculous.” She was unmoved by sob stories clearly manufactured to engender sympathy votes through to Hollywood. And when Kara DioGuardi kept singing mocking snatches of Perry’s two big hits, Perry said calmly, “Please stop, or I will have to throw my Coke in your face.”

DioGuardi stopped, which is good – if Perry had followed up on her threat, I’d have to keep watching American Idol.

What’s the prescription for rejuvenating a tired grey mare of a franchise like Idol? More guest judges like Perry would be a good place to start. So thanks, Katy, for the shot of adrenaline. If you need to unwind from your Idol experience, might we recommend checking out our spa deals in LA and Orange County? A 60-minute De-Stressing European Facial at Lauren’s Salon Spa might be the first step on the road back to recovery.

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