Last week we posted about all the Vajazzle excitement that’s coming to Spa Week, Spring 2010! (Just click anywhere it says Vajazzle if you missed that one.) We’ve since been blessed with a first-hand account of Vajazzling from a blogger friend who shall remain anonymous:

“So I decided to go for it. Went to Completely Bare, über chic. First, the wax—they use this special stripless purple wax they make there (so soft, it feels like you’re being waxed by butter). Afterwards, she lets you pick from all these different colors, designs—there are starbursts, butterflies, hearts, peace signs… I went for the diamond heart. They’re basically little crystal stickers. She just sticks it on, rubs it down and voila! I have to say, it looked so cute!

It lasts for 3-4 days and I didn’t even get to see my boyfriend in that time, but believe me, he was super bummed, haha. But the funny thing is, I kept forgetting it was there because you  can’t feel it or anything, and every time I went to the bathroom I would be like…

‘OH, hi, you’re bright.'”

So there you have it. Do you think you’ll give Vajazzling a go? If you’ve done Vajazzling and want to razzle BeDazzle the world with your story, please share your experience with us! We’ll keep you totally anonymous, promise.

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