It’s aphrodisiac season and Cupid is confused. Cupid is pressuring you to reel in your Valentine by eating aphrodisiac-filled chocolate (Yikes! Not THAT much), showering in Axe (use at your own risk), hanging out with Rhinos (questionable) and sweating out your good ol’ natural stank. Right?

Well, it came to my attention that for many people, cleanliness can be the biggest aphrodisiac of all. “I like a girl with a nice fresh lemony scent,” a friend explained last night. “Being clean is the #1 thing I look for in a girl.”

clean-well-hand-spraySo today, to help you land a Valentine, find love, maintain a healthy relationship, or at least kill 99.99% of the germs in your life… we’re going to be giving away 5 bottles of Clean Well Hand Sanitizer.

I’ve been using it for a month or so, and believe me, this stuff is as fresh and lemony as it gets, and no illnesses to report… not even a sneeze! Are men falling in love with my clean, lemony self left and right? I’ll get back to you.

To Enter:
In the comments below, tell us the germ-iest thing you’ve touched recently. The 5 of you who we think need it most will win a 4 ounce bottle of Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizer. That’s 900+ sprays of sexy, germ-free clean! Enter until Monday, 2/8, 11:59 pm EST.

PS. Bonus points for our friends on Facebook and Twitter who already carry around hand sanitizer to keep aphrodisiac-quality clean! We asked about it last week. Su’Ona Johnson Thompson carries around Purell, @heavensfear and Ravinder Kaur like their germs killed by stuff from Bath & Body Works, Kim Hopkins keeps Germ-X Wipes in every possible spot she could be, and @amymartinG told us Clean Well is her favorite because it’s great for kids and it’s non-drying. (Because all kids could use a good aphrodisiac…)


Congratualtions to the 5 of you, you’ve won a bottle of CLEAN WELL Hand Sanitizer! (There are a lot of germs to kill – I hope you guys use this stuff regularly! Contact me with your address to claim your prize – michelle @ or DM me @michellejoni.

Susan @grumpy1970 – I had to dig through our outside garbage can for my sons lost tooth that was wrapped in a napkin. Ugh! Thanks for teh opportunity to win your giveaway!

Dianestokes – I was going to say grocery store carts, but I remembered reading once that elevator buttons and escalator rails are actually the germ-iest things we touch. They never get sanitized. :/

JM @pbrandpbj – I have an adorable 3-year old Yorkie who will eat and chew on pretty much anything. Most recently, on one of our evening walks he sniffed out a half eaten chicken wing that someone so lovingly discarded for him on the sidewalk. I had no choice but to pry open his mouth and pull out the food item with my bare hands.

Melissa Finley @mymendinghands – New York City Subway Poles and Handles….multiple times a day….every day.

Zachary Adam Cohen @zacharycohen – I touched a homeless persons mouth the other day, i was taking a cigarette out of their mouth because smoking is bad for you.

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