Well, you did it. You have a date for Valentine’s Day, and it’s a first date.

Whatever you do, don’t start thinking about the enormous amount of pressure this is going to put on your budding relationship. I mean, a first date on Valentine’s Day. Wow. Really. What were you thinking?

Well, you can’t change the reservations now, so you’d better play the game.  Follow these instructions. Keep your head down. You’ll get through this, probably.

Manicure – You might want to avoid the Minx this time around, but a good manicure in a clean, understated color is going to play better than ragged nails on scaly hobo hands. That’s just general life advice. Get both mani & pedi at Salon Roi.

Pedicure – Same rules apply. Yes, even when it’s not sandal weather. Have some standards. Come on. Get both mani & pedi at Salon Roi.

Wash, cut, blow-out – Because sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do your hair for you (plus, they’re probably going to be better at it than you are, anyway.) Try the wash & style at Lauren’s Salon Spa.

A wax – I’m talking about eyebrows, so let’s not be gross. Have some dignity. Professional arch shaping will go a long way towards keeping you from looking permanently angry and/or quizzical. Get an eyebrow and underarm wax at I Spa.

Eyelash extensions – You could use one of the popular new lash growth serums, but what that will tell your date is “I’m very willing to rub chemicals of dubious provenance around my eyes.” A safer bet is to give eyelash extensions a try. Michelle got them from Albina’ Spa in Manhattan and you can too.

A facial – When you want to put your best face forward, you want to put your best face forward, am I right? Do that with an ultimate facial (maybe even the Ultimate Facial at Ardan MedSpa + Salon)

A salt scrub –  Not crucial, but if you’re going whole hog you might as well get rid of the winter scalies to finish things off. Stick with the stereotypical holiday flavor theme with a Chocolate Body Scrub (like the one at Alternative Body Associates.)

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