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Region: Las Vegas


Palms Spa

4321 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…which is why you need to detox at the Palms Spa!

How about a Green Tea & Ginger Enzyme Body Wrap? Or a Brazilian Rainforest Wrap? Perhaps an Ice Globe Dermal Infusion is in order. Or an Ashiatsu foot manipulation massage. Whatever your spa needs, find what you want and more at the Palms


A facial like no other:

“Scientists first observed the Epicuren Discovery in hospitals where physicians treating burn patients became aware of a dermal phenomenon. When certain treatments were applied to a burned area, the cells of adjacent skin covered by medications became significantly more healthy and vital. Epicuren Discovery then developed a skincare treatment program in response to the realization that consistent cellular rejuvenation was repeatedly proven under demanding conditions. The Epicurean Company developed a revolutionary skincare treatment program in response to the realization that Metadermabolic Enzyme complexes offer a high intensity and effective path to aesthetic improvement. Epicurean products actively promote total skin health by topically stimulating the body’s entire immune system.”




50 Min Custom Massage

50 Min Signature Facial

Day use of Palms Spa Facilities

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