Velashape in Action

I’ve got in on my calendar to update you today.
In December I did a series of 5 Velashape treatments to test out the much-discussed, non-invasive body contouring spa treatment. Read about the Velashape sessions more in-depth here:

—> Inside the Med Spa: Velashape™ Body Contouring

—> Velashape™: Is It Effective?

According to Velashape hearsay (and medical fact), after you’re done with the process you’re supposed to continue to see results for 6-8 weeks. I waited exactly 7 weeks to post this video so that I can report this: I’m still feeling good! I unfortunately haven’t lost another inch since it ended, but such is my busy, gluttonous life.

Call or visit Vela-Spa in New York City to learn more… they’ll be participating in the upcoming Spring Spa Week®, so you can test out a session yourself for just $50.

Vela-Spa NY
203 East 69th Street
New York, NY 10021
(212) 288-8300
Email: info @

Thank you again to Dr. Mark Gold and Medical Esthetician Abby Feller for providing the treatment and sharing all your insight!

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