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s82lxacxdamjuxvuRegion: Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health & Healing

1124 South Braddock Avenue, Suite B
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

How they promote wellness in their spa:

“Every aspect of our spa is about wellness. We customize each session to meet the individual goals of our clients. For example instead of just focusing on relaxation, we focus on the positive effects that the relaxation will promote in our clients health & well-being; such as lowering blood pressure, aiding in digestion and reducing fatigue. Our services span from Naturopathic Medicine to Counseling, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Energy Medicine; such as Reiki and Cellular Expansion & Healing. And our approach is focused on caring for our clients’ Body, Mind and Spirit.”

rkmrqawedggcyee8Their most important piece of wellness advice:

“The most important piece of wellness advice we give our clients is to listen to their bodies. In this way, lasting change can occur from learning how to tap into their emotions and acknowledge the signals that the body uses to communicate imbalance. Your mind may try to lie to you, but your body never will. We are each capable of knowing on a deep level what is out of balance in our lives if we choose to listen.”


60 Minute Naturopathic Wellness Consultation focused on diet, sleep, physical activity, hydration, stress & more!…20 Minute Customized Flower Essences Consultation for Emotional Support…15 Minute Centering Guided Vizualization & Breathwork Session…50 Minute Calming Cellular Expansion Energy Healing Session

30 Minute Lavender-Mint Soothing Mineral Foot Soak & Treatment…30 Minute Toe Tingling Foot Reflexology…60 Minute Muscle Melt Aromatherapy Massage

Free take-home Customized Aromatherapy Blend…Free take-home Customized Flower Essence Blend…Revolutionary Energy Healing Meditation CD, and the just released book, “Soul Connection; Opening to the Source of Creation”…and a lite lunch plate of fruits, crackers, cheese with your choice of tea

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