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Yesterday to celebrate Mardi Spas we asked you: How much do you TAKE IT OFF for a full body massage?

This is one of the most common questions asked about spa etiquette. The correct answer: There is no correct answer… it’s however you’re comfortable.

Between Twitter, Facebook and the official Mardi Spas blog post results, here’s how it all panned out:

For 3 of you, your comfort zone is leaving something to the imagination:

Briana I’m a leave the undies on kind of girl.

Sandiegoamyc: For my massage- I always leave my underwear on! I guess I am a little shy!

Casey Byrd I do to the undies; my massage girl can reach under to get at whatever she wants.

For 6 of you, it depends:

diego17 If the therapist says take off your clothes – then I take all my clothes off. If they say take off as much as you like, I keep my panties on.

Foodie If they hand me a towel – totally naked. No towel, I stick with the boxers.

dobr67 For me all clothes have to come off. When I go for a massage I want to be able to totally relax without feeling confined at all. I hate it when the therapist wraps me up so tight in the blanket to avoid seeing anything. I just want full relaxing strokes, and the clothes just get in the way. People are way too uptight about their bodies.

thattweetthing I’ve gotten full body massages. I usually keep on my underwear and then get under a heated blanket or whatever completely nude everywhere else 🙂

shweetandlow I’ll start with them one and see how things go….. 😉

Hope I take it all off except if its that time of the month.

No questions asked for these 9 spa-goers. They TAKE IT ALL OFF (baby)!

Kim I take it all off, baby!

Jennifer All of course

Ericka Pendley everything must go! I want my glutes and lower back worked on, and the best way to have it done is by letting the therapist get into those places to release triggers. Everything in the body is connected. Your shoulders may hurt because your lower back is out of whack. I don’t want to cheat myself when getting a massage. The therapist doesn’t think twice about seeing naked bodies, there really is no reason to be self conscious around them. (speaking from experience 🙂

Bill Commando

Deborah J. Glidden Everett All. If you embarrassed about your body get a better self image. If your therapist is then you need a new therapist.

Erica I take it all off!

Linda Wilson The only way to get a full body massage is being in your Birthday Suit!!!

Shannon (@fauxlashes) take it ALL off ba-by.

Leslee Lauser I’m naked as a Jailbird.

And the winner, chosen at random from our official blog entries, is:


Kim, please contact me at michelle with your address to claim your prize: a set of 4 spa-themed glass coasters and a Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Mask! Thanks to everyone who celebrated the world’s first Mardi Spas!

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