File this one away in wedding news of the weird! Several couples around the country got married on Valentine’s Day in that most romantic of wedding locations, White Castle.

The fine purveyor of tiny hamburgers ran a contest open to couples all around the company. Winners had the whole wedding shebang provided to them: dress, rings, tux, and of course a vast selection of sliders, chicken fingers, and fries.

Two of the White Castle newlyweds were a Newark, New Jersey couple who have been engaged since 2006 but could never seem to find the time to make the wedding happen. The bride told press outlets, “I am thrilled to be marrying the love of my life. I would marry him anywhere.” (admit it: that’s a little aww.) For a glimpse of their White Castle happy future, they need only to look to the couple in St. Louis who renewed their wedding vows at their local franchise on the same day–because they’ve spent every Valentine’s Day at a White Castle for the 33 years they’ve been married.

I’d definitely rather go to a wedding at a place like White Castle, especially one that reflects the couple’s personality, than a generic wedding. Plus, burgers. Way more people should incorporate burgers into their weddings. So, good luck to the White Castle couples!

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