We know Spa Week® is easy for the spa-goer—once our spa directory goes live on March 15th (mark your calendars!!!) all you have to do is decide which new spa you’re going to be visiting. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to bring you the Spa Week® you know and love? Here’s what we’re working on right now!

  • We’re still signing spas up to participate. Call your favorite spa and ask them if they’re signed on. If not, tell them to call us!


  • We’re helping spas decide what to offer for April Spa Week®. And here’s another place you can come in: we would love to pass consumer suggestions onto our spas. If there’s a treatment you would love to see offered for Spa Week®, comment here and the next time a spa asks us for advice on treatments, we’ll pass it along.


  • We’re helping Michelleo organize a digital sneak preview of our Spa Week® spas. With some help from blogger pals all around the country, we’ve got Spa Week Daily secret agents testing out Spa Week treatments to help you decide where you want to visit. Stay tuned…


  • We’re getting ready for our big media party in April, when we and our sponsors band together to throw a serious party for some New York media luminaries…complete with wine, spa treatment cabanas, a wide array of munchies, and of course, the infamous Spa Week® gift bags. Our media parties are getting so awesome, in fact, that we had to move to a bigger location this year. Imagine last year’s event multiplied, and that’s what we’re aiming for this year.

So that’s what we’re up to! April 12 – 18… it’s not so far away! Rest assured from those of us here on the front lines that it is going to be the best Spa Week yet.

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