If A MILLION PEOPLE jumped off a bridge, would you?

We hope not.

But if A MILLION PEOPLE signed up to get spa discounts and travel deals all year round, find out about major giveaways like diamond necklaces and wedding gowns, and to get the latest news about a full week of nothing but $50 spa treatments…coming April 12-18… would you?

We sure hope so!

We’ve got over 1,000,000 people signed up for our Spa Week® newsletter… if you’re not yet part of it, here are 3 diverse sign-up options, depending on your personality, of how you can hop on the million-strong bandwagon:

1. SIMPLETON: You can keep it simple and enter your info in the right hand column.

2. SPA-LOVER: You can register to browse our full Spa Directory, where you’ll find all our participating Spa Week® spas.

3. SWAG-GRABBER: While you’re registering anyway, you might as well enter to WIN SWAG in our legendary monthly beauty, spa and wellness giveaways.

However you do it… we can’t wait to have you join our community! Seeya in your inbox.

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