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The Little Luxury: Huge Lips Skinny Hips lip gloss, by Purple Lab NYC

Relationship Status: We met in July on Twitter. It kisses me with or without lipstick… and we still tweet pretty much every day.

It Plumps Your Lips and Not Your hips: This gloss has lip plumper and hoodia (the appetite suppressant)–an idea that popped into founder Karen Robinovitz’s head at a wedding years back. She had eaten too much and told her husband Todd she wanted to leave. Karen said: “If my lip gloss would only plump my lips and not my hips, I wouldn’t be in this mess.” And poof, Purple Lab was born: “Double Duty Beauty for the woman who wants it all!”

Only Settle For The Best: When Karen started out her career as a beauty and lifestyle editor, she sampled every lip gloss known to womankind. When she created the formula for Huge Lips Skinny Hips, she wouldn’t settle until it was the absolute best gloss she’d ever tried.

Launching a Brand through Social Media: Just as Karen (and her fabulous, irreplaceable marketing director Sharon) met me through Twitter– they’ve developed an enormous and devoted network of bloggers and supporters through social media. If you’re ever looking for inspiration in succeeding in social media, look at what Purple Lab has achieved.

Let’s get to the pole dancing and Louboutins: What? Yes… the thing that sets this brand apart most is the personality behind it. Every gloss comes with a love story and is named after an inspiration in Karen’s life. Kittypole Dancer–because this is Karen’s favorite sport (she has a pole in her living room). Red Sole–because shopping at Christian Louboutin is Karen’s other favorite sport.

Clearly… the clear gloss is called No Panty Lines.

Living Dreams: A huge congratulations to Karen! When we met in July, she told me her dream was to be on HSN. Just last week, Purple Lab rolled out a whole line of Double Duty Beauty on HSN. Parties were thrown in her honor all across the country, and Karen was truly a star. Purple cupcakes and boas and a million tweets of Purple Lab love.

Buy Buy Buy: For all their Cool Makeup – Purple Lab NYC is the place to go. The gloss is $25 and worth every lipsmacking penny.

Fun and Games (on a personal note): If you want to read more about Karen, Purple Lab, and a fun little game (blog) I invented over the summer in which I lived by the rules of different influential New Yorkers… visit Karen’s round of The NYC Game

Hot Stone Scale: 6 out of 6


THE GIVEAWAY: Until Sunday, February 28th… you can enter to win Huge Lips Skinny Hips from our SWAG giveaways page. 10 winners!

BONUS, because Red Sole is my favorite… I’ll be giving away a bonus Huge Lips Skinny Hips in Red Sole to someone who comments below and tells me: is there anything hotter to do in red-soled Louboutins than riding on the back of a motorcycle? (Karen would argue no. Can you think of something?) Comment by Sunday at midnight, winner announced Monday, based on creativity!

WINNER: Jenny Henning
Her Answer: “No sex, no games. Throwing on a pair of red soles, just to swagger down Abbey Road. Nothing less, for the legendary walk ;)”

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