Last Saturday night Nicole Richie hosted a party at the Cooper Square Hotel in NYC for her new clothing line, Winter Kate. Nicole’s tunic above is from the collection. Inspiration for the collection is drawn from Richie’s favorite animals, like peacocks, and includes mostly tops.

For years, Nicole has been accused of being too thin, but I’m happy to report she looked healthy and vibrant. And to drive the message of heath and happiness an extra mile… she was standing perched by a shelf at the penthouse party, all by herself, chowing down on a steak and fries like nobody was watching. It was wonderfully refreshing— and it looked delicious!

NY-based celebrity doctor Richard Ash, MD, shares 3 interesting positive correlations between steak and your well-being. (Note: Dr. Ash is not saying steak is “healthy,” but read on for some reasons why you could do worse.)

3 Reasons to Feel Great About Eating Steak, from Dr. Ash MD

1. “Initially people feel better when they eat meat because it makes their body alkaline (the effect you get from eating a lot fruits and vegetables) for the first 24 hours,’ Dr. Ash said. “But then the rest of the week will trigger your body to do the reverse.” Crash and burn! At least she’s living in the moment

2. “Steak is also a good balancer. If you’ve been on antibiotics or you have acid reflux, or if you have chronic candidia (yeast overgrowth) – steak will help you feel better.” Not sure if Nicole had any of the above, but if she did, 2 more points.

3. Also, according to Dr. Ash, “If you’re trying to gain weight, you don’t want to use steak and fries – it’s not something that will necessarily promote weight gain.” So, there are better foods for this— so you don’t have to feel as though you are deliberately injecting yourself with fresh cow lard every time you take a bite.

This should all come as great news for carnivores worldwide! Also, for famous party hosts: It’s your party, you can house a steak in the corner if you want to!

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