Last week I got an email from an online Australian hair salon website looking to guest blog on Spa Week Daily. I emailed back and said: Let’s see what you’ve got. Within minutes I received a long-winded essay that included only 3 points of interest: 3 Australian “hair secrets” that involve food.

But obviously, dear reader, I wouldn’t just take their word for it. When you’re dealing with a place where the toilet water spins the other way, especially when it involves raw eggs, you’ve gotta test the waters on your own turf. To that end, I’ve enlisted 3 guest experimenters to try these edible hair claims at home.


The Australian Secret: “Dissolve one spoonful of honey into three cups of warm water. Once dissolved simply pour over wet, freshly washed hair and let dry. Do not wash it out. Then just style as normal. This leaves hair soft with intense shine.”

Guest Experimenter: Rachel, Uncurbable Craving (Twitter @ThatTweetThing). Why her? Because she’s as tweet as honey.


The Australian Secret: “Combine one egg and mayonnaise together and apply to washed hair. Leave in for five minutes then rinse for great shine and body. Or you can replace the mayonnaise with two teaspoons of castor oil for a healthy scalp and roots. Eggs are used to add body, shine and softness to any head of hair.”

The Guest Experimenter: Nova McGinty, Good Food North East (Twitter: @novamc). Why her? Because she’s from the UK (a non-American P.O.V. yet still our toilet-water hemisphere) AND she’s writing about food anyway.


The Australian Secret: Apply flat beer to the hair and scalp, then rinse it out. Beer has a cleansing quality that will clarify the hair and leave it shiny and free of any built-up product.

The Guest Experimenter:Oz Sultan of Perks Consulting News (Twitter: @ozsultan) Why him? Because what else was he gonna do with that six pack in the fridge? (Not to mention that luscious hair!)

Check back next week and see what our guest experimenters have to say! And if you know of any other edible beauty claims that need to be verified… comment below and we’ll call in the troops.

And because I’m extra nice… the anchor link, as requested: hair salon 😉

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