A 19-year-old Michigan resident is getting the wedding of her dreams, courtesy of a special Hollywood Twitter connection.

Former Tonight Show host Conan O Brien’s terms of departure from NBC famously preclude him from appearing on TV for 8 months. What’s a multi-millionaire funnyman to do? In part, O’Brien gave in and joined Twitter, an act he’d previously eschewed. He refused to follow anyone and noted things like his napping schedule and the squirrels in his backyard. One day, he proclaimed he was going to follow someone at random.

He chose Sarah Killen, who had thousands of followers within hours. Her Twitter feed revealed she was planning a wedding, and the freebies started pouring in – a designer dress and shoes from a New York boutique, wine from a California vineyard, a free limo, designer wedding bands, and more.

Killen says O’Brien’s Twitter patronage changed her life and transformed her wedding from a can-barely-afford-it affair to a ceremony fit for royalty (or Hollywood royalty, at least.) And Sarah’s more than willing to give back in entertainment what she’s gotten in swag – she says she and her boyfriend are willing to get married on O’Brien’s new show, if he has one by their big day.

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