"I'm not a spa guy!"

As we send bloggers off for Spa Madness to check out and report back on some of the Spa Week treatments, realize– this is not being done at random! We’ve been doing our best to pair our bloggerati up with spa treatments that suit their mind-body-wellness needs and fit their personalities.

Which is why when Hagan Blount, the Wandering Foodie, gained 12 pounds after his latest blogging stunt “93 plates” (dining at 93 of NYC’s best restaurants… breakfast, lunch and dinner… throughout the entire month of January), we sent him STRAIGHT to the spa for a slimming body wrap. We also sent him to Queens with a purpose; this is the borough where he found his favorite restaurants during his grotesquely indulgent (yet pretty awesome) 31-day adventure.

Watch what happens when this “I’m-not-a-spa-guy” foodie experiences seaweed and wraps in their non-edible forms… and read his full account at Wanderingfoodie.com.

28-27 Steinway Street
Astoria, NY 11103

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