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Link: Once You Pop, You Better Stop
Not enough that salmonella affects our eggs and spinach – now it infests that most holy of grails, Pringles, too? It’s sad but true. This week, we learned we must throw out our cans of taco and cheeseburger flavored Pringles. Oh, the humanity!
Rating: 3 zits

Link: Corey, We Hardly Knew Ye
Child star Corey Haim was found dead this week of an apparent overdose, the most recent in a disheartening string of celebrity deaths, serving as a reminder that fame doesn’t necessarily bring happiness.
Rating: 5 zits

Link: Lebron=Besmirched
Lebron (or should we say Le-brawn) James, the Cleveland NBA star, was faced with rumors this morning that his prowess on the court was due in part to steroids. The only problem was this: Lebron was clean. Cleveland Indians baseball player, Steve Lebron, was the one who had tested positive for juice. Perhaps we should cease referring to sports stars by names and nicknames? (Nah.)
Rating: 1 zits

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