It wasn’t easy to find a pregnant blogger in Denver. Not because there aren’t any… I think I’ve actually connected with every single pregnant blogger in Colorado by now, but it had to be the right fit. Gretchen of Lifenut (who’s on her 8th pregnancy!) wanted to do it, but was in her 1st trimester when a prenatal massage could be unsafe. Plus, there are no aches or pains to sooth yet. So I found another Denver blogger who was in the achy painy portion of her pregnancy–the 3rd trimester when prenatal massages are best– but it just so happened she doesn’t like massages. (What gives!) And it was probably awkward emailing Carissa from Hooked On Beauty who was on our Spa Madness roster to test a Swedish Massage for us saying, “you don’t happen do be pregnant… do you?” Negative.

I finally put up an “ad” on Spa Week Daily: “Seeking Pregnant Blogger in Denver” Craigslisty? I hope not.

But with the help of some Denver Twitter friends, the prenatal cream rose to the top. Kia at Bodhi Bear just so happened to be blogging everything about her very first pregnancy, and is extremely knowledgeable on prenatal yoga, health, and well-being. Kia is a leader in the pregnant Denver blogging community, and someone I am proud to introduce to you on our behalf.

Watch Kia’s pre-baby pampering video here, and read all about her experience on her blog: Elixir Mind Body Prenatal Massage.

Follow Kia’s thrilling journey to becoming a mommy… at which point she plans to go back to Elixir to learn how to do an “Infant Massage,” one of the spa’s other services. This baby is in for the good life!

Check out to see this and all the services that are available for $50 during Spa Week!
Elixir Body Mind Massage
1518 A Wazee Street
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 571-4455

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