If you’re looking for a good basic video Q&A on acupuncture, watch the video below.

If you’re looking for an incredibly insightful blog post about the history, meaning and bountiful benefits of acupuncture, alongside a detailed personal account of the treatment and why one of our SPA MADNESS bloggers is now hooked on the ancient Chinese healing ritual… you must read Afrobella‘s recap: “Experiencing Acupuncture.”

We sent Patrice from Afrobella to the prestigious Ruby Room in Chicago to try out the acupuncture they are offering during Spring 2010 Spa Week, and we were thrilled to be the catalyst to her newfound mindset of spiritual spa-going.

If you’re inspired by Afrobella and would like to try getting pinned up like pin cushion to bring balance to your body and soul, what better time to try than Spa Week? Browse all the spas across North America offering acupuncture for just $50 April 12-18 on our Spa Directory, and start booking your appointments TODAY!

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