As you’ve often read here on Spa Week Daily… you learn a lot when you go to the spa.

We sent Jennifer Merritt from iVillage to Spa 23at the Westin Times Square, NYC for SPA MADNESS, and one of the things she learned during her facial was that her “wrinkles” were not quite aging her pre-bridal face as much as she thought:

“That’s when she surprised me by saying that my lines weren’t, in fact, wrinkles at all, but dead skin cell buildup from not exfoliating. What a relief! But also, kind of gross.”

She enlightened her Twitter followers in real time by doing a live Tweetment (below), and then shared her full, fresh-faced experience on iVillage in her post: The Truth About My Wrinkles

To book this facial at Spa 23 for $50 during Spa Week, April 12 – 18, sign onto our Spa Directory and start booking.

And here’s another truth: you can learn a lot from the therapists and estheticians at any of our spas, so take advantage, young spa scholar, and learn as much as possible!

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