The lymphatic system is probably not one you give much thought to – but you should! The lymphatic system helps clear excess fluid from the cells and distributes powerful immune cells which work 24/7 to ward off viruses and bacteria that want to make you sick. But  did you know you can get a spa treatment to help your lymphatic system work optimally? It’s called electro-lymphatic drainage, and here are the details!

What: The treatment uses gentle electric currents, massage, and heat to increase circulation and stimulation along the body’s lympathic pathways. ELD treatment is said to boost immunity, relax the whole body and mind, reduce pain, even skin tone, and increase energy.

Who: People suffering from chronic pain, conditions that can cause chronic pain like shingles, and lymphedema (painful swelling) are proven to have the best (and quickest) results from ELD therapy. But anyone can benefit from the feeling of whole cleanliness, inside and out, that the treatment can provide!

When: Give ELD a try for just $50 during Spa Week, April 12th-18th.

Where: Bruno Salon & Spa in Brooklyn is offering 55 minutes of ELD during the Spa Week event. Give it a try! You just might find yourself hooked!

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