Microdermabrasion is one of those treatments that you hear about and see on TV. The person goes in with their own skin and comes out looking like Halle Berry or Giselle Bunchen at what most believe to be a painful price. We sent Bailey Vincent Clark from the Makeover Momma to test it out and possibly dispel the myth at the Parma Center for Health, Medicine and Wellness in Washington D.C. At the last minute, “out of fear of looking like a cooked lobster” she swapped her sister in instead. Don’t worry sis, she still loves ya! Check out Bailey’s account of how the treatment went below, also watch her video and read about her “Sneaky Spa Moment” on her blog as well.

I’m going to admit it: I used to think that microdermabrasion was some scary treatment that would leave me raw, peeling and running for the nearest wide brimmed hat as fast as Samantha on Sex And The City (shortly after a nasty peel). This is why I was not only pleasantly surprised by my Spa Madness microdermabrasion experience, but pretty much regret having my Senior Editor (and sister) get the treatment. I was so terrified of looking like a cooked lobster, that I missed out on this amazing treatment at Parma Spa! (And yes, I was going to make her take the fall if something went wrong)….

Top 5 Favorite Things About Microdermabrasion

1. It Gives You A Fresh Start: I’m a mom, so let’s face it- I barely have time to bathe on most days (let alone treat my skin to decadent resurfacing treatments at pampering spas). My skin probably has dead skin cells left over from 1992, so the concept of getting a “fresh start” from microdermabrasion is highly appealing.

2. It Prevents Acne: Between the cocktail of late nights, hormone fluctuations and “the terrible two’s”, motherhood is a non-stop excuse for constant breakouts. However, my senior editor Corey gets her own hormonal breakouts (the kind that roll around once a month), and said her skin has been consistently clearer since the treatment.

3. It Lightens Scars: Corey (like most of us) has a small amount of dark spots left over from playing dermatologist with herself in the mirror (i.e. popping pimples), and I was amazed to visibly see her skin (and consequently, her spots) lighten while she was on the table.

4. It Doesn’t Hurt: Although the concept of microdermabrasion (and the sound of the machine) was intimidating at first, Corey swore it just felt like her “cat licking her face.” Since the Parma Spa was a medical spa, the aesthetician watched Corey’s skin with fine precision, and made sure she avoided any areas that seemed sensitive. She did such a gentle job, that Corey was able to skip makeup the rest of the day (without needing that wide brimmed hat), and get all dolled up for a date that night.

5. It Helps You Look Younger: Yes, we all spend tons of money on anti-aging face creams, masks and serums, but doesn’t it make sense to stop fine lines and wrinkles at the “core”, and stop wasting so much money? The proper and consistent amount of microdermabrasion (done only by extreme medical professionals) can help prevent and reduce signs of aging, without the need for weird potions and lotions.

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