Last week on Chatterbox Radio, Christie Crowder and I chatted about everything from her SPA MADNESS rejuvenating facial at Dr. Q Cosmetics in Atlanta…. to wondering what men actually think of a Vajazzled vagina… during sex.

chatterbox-facialTo learn about Christie’s rejuvenating facial, watch her video and read her write up, on the Chatterbox’s blog. Then, go book one for yourself at, of course.

For the full story on Vajazzling during sex from a man’s point of view… we’re going to need some help. Any men out there want to share their glittering sexual experience with Spa Week Daily? We’ll keep you anonymous… just email me at michelle so we can answer this burning question with a hopefully NOT burning (or chaffing) answer. Fess up boys!

And now… enjoy the “gift of gab” on the radio show:

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