Even a few of the most upstanding members of the Twitteratti are confused about the use of the Twitter @REPLY. It’s one of those things you can’t really correct a stranger on—like grammar or spelling—other than by reformatting and trying to influence by example. It’s also one of those things that Twitter doesn’t make clear when you sign up, so we’re here to clear things up.

Normally we wouldn’t mention anything about anyone’s level of Twitterability, but there are $50 spa treatments waiting to be had, and we don’t want you OR your followers missing out. Here’s where some of you are going wrong, how it’s affecting your spa-going, and how to change your ways.

Exhibit A:

@SPAWEEK is coming soon! April 11-17… Book your #50dollartreatments! www.spaweek.com

Firstly, thank you! We truly appreciate you spreading the word. However, because @SPAWEEK is starting off the Tweet, Twitter has it set so that the only people following both you AND @SPAWEEK will see this on their homepage feed. This prevents you from being the news-sharer you had meant to be.

Exhibit B:

@SPAWEEK is so soon… where should I get acupuncture? Any recommendations in SoCal, tweeps?

The error here is the same, but the result affects YOU even more. Here, you’re missing out on feedback from all your followers, because only the small handful also following @SPAWEEK have seen it.

Quick Fixes:

Spring @SPAWEEK is coming soon! April 11-17… Book your #50dollartreatments now! www.spaweek.com
Where should I get acupuncture for @SPAWEEK? It’s so soon… Any recommendations in SoCal, tweeps?

Takeaway notes:

Do not start your tweets with @SPAWEEK unless you’re saying something directly to us. Which we love too— and we’ll always tweet you back!

Hope this helped. Now that you’ve graduated, you deserve a massage.

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