Getting regular facials and overall maintenance of the skin was ironically not top priority for beauty blogger, Jessica Teas of Beauty Woo Me. Well, until we sent her to investigate Spa Madness! Jessica explored lands once unknown, in Chicago’s Gold Coast to experience the Microcurrent Facial at the one week old, Joseph Michael Salon & Spa. New treatment, new salon, we applaud your bravery! So what exactly is a Microcurrent Turbulent Facial aside from being a really long name for a spa treatment? It’s a very intense facial that involves rounds of cleansing, exfoliating and positioning a thick cloud of steam over the face which extracts those creepy black heads. Finishes touches include a high frequency wand ran across the skin and a cool gel mask to lock in the glow.

Read about the good, the meh, and all the details at Beauty Woo Me.

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