We think it’s great booking the most eccentric spa treatments you can find, but sometimes all it takes is a trip back to the basics. We sent Meieli Sawyer Detoni of Lime Lifeto Massage Envy in West Boca FL to experience more Spa Madness! She got out the kinks, aches and pains with an 80-Minute Deep Tissue Massage and you can do the same for just $50 during Spa Week April 12th-18th.

A deep tissue massage is the most basic of spa treatments; in essence it brings out what the spa lifestyle is all about: health, rejuvenation, and relaxation. The process of kneading one’s body from head to toe is designed to release toxins and soothe chronic pain. Did you know that toxins in the human body can cause serious health problems and even speed up the aging process? If you find yourself experiencing discomfort from sitting in one spot too long or from playing sports, then the deep tissue massage is for you. Get more of the indepth review at Lime Life.

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  1. Mark Richardson

    One of the exotic spa treatments I have experienced is called vine therapy. I had it done here diVINE SPA on my travels to Naples, Florida and it was amazing! They use great products made from grape seeds and stems. Maybe SpaWeek can do an article on it, I think other people would be interested in it as well.


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