joblogoChances are you’ve probably quaffed POM Wonderful in the past few years – the pomegranate juice (served in the reusable glasses!) is popular as a mixer and a standalone drink, and the company that produces it has pushed the juice’s healthy qualities with a passion. Pomegranate does contain a one-two punch of healthful vitamins, but there’s no evidence to suggest that chugging bottle after bottle of the juice is a magical cure for what ails you – but POM Wonderful might want you to believe otherwise!

The FDA has sent POM a public warning letter for making wild promises to the public about what drinking the juice will and will not do. Among the litany of diseases it professes to cure or curtail: artherosclerosis, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol, and more. One testimonial even claimed that POM cured her boyfriend’s prostate cancer…high claims from a juice.

Having been warned to knock off the crazy promises of magical and miraculous results, it remains to be seen whether POM will scale back its marketing…but the whole episode is a good reminder that while this is an unprecedently good time for wellness-focused food and drink, the old consumers’ adage still holds true: if something sounds too good to be true, even in this futuristic year 2010, it probably still is!

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