It’s easy to think of Spa Week® as a passive time – after all, if you’re heading to the spa for a massage, facial, or scrub, you’re probably not interested in being a terribly active participant in the process, not when it feels so good to just zone out. But active doesn’t have to mean not relaxing! Some spas are combining more active modalities to offer unique Spa Week® experiences.

Thai Yoga Massage is a great example of a fitness-focused spa treatment that’s also mind-meltingly relaxing. Thai yoga seeks to address specific muscular tensions by corresponding asanas (poses) that stretch and gently relax tense muscles and ligaments. It’s different than regular yoga because a therapist helps you move from pose to pose, supporting parts of your body in order to help you truly relax. Practitioners report feeling both energized and deeply relaxed after a session of Thai yoga.

Of course, if you love Pilates and Yoga fitness classes, you can also enjoy the opportunity to work with a personal instructor one-on-one – for just $50!

This Spa Week®, why not mix it up and try something really new? In New York, give Thai yoga massage a try for 60 minutes at Erika Bloom Pilates Plus (or opt for a 60 minute personal Pilates session!) or Tranquility Salon & Day Spa.

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