It goes without saying that a dog is a man’s best friend, while women tend to be more social with a best friend or two. For many women, one of these best friends is often an incredible pair of shoes, and we say there’s nothing wrong with that. While there are a myriad of brands that the shoe-obsessed have to choose from, the most indisputably iconic of them all has got to be the Manolo Blahnik. Since its debut, there has yet to be an item to leave as deep a mark on the hearts of fashion lovers. From Carrie Bradshaw’s strolls down the New York City streets to Jennifer Aniston’s recent red carpet appearance; we invite you ogle over a little trip down Manolo memory lane. (Hint: This ends Spa Week style: with a GIVEAWAY.)

What is your favorite Manolo Moment? While you think about it, click the photo below to enter our sweepstakes for a shot at owning a pair of them… AND a case of Rioja Wine. If you win, we bet you’ll decide that that’s favorite Manolo Moment.

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