Have you heard of ear candling? The technique has been around for more than 10 years in spas and wellness centers, but it seems as though it’s just burst to the forefront within the last year.

Ear candling purports to release excess wax from the ear using a candle-like contraption. The therapist holds a tube of rolled-up material coated in beeswax, inserting the narrow end gently in the ear, and lights the other end to draw out impurities. Some ear candling fans report better hearing and a stronger overall sense of well-being after the treatment. Because ear candling involves flame and hot wax so close to the ear canal, be sure you have the treatment at a reputable facility with experienced technicians.

The good news is this is the kind of treatment Spa Week® is MADE for – if you’ve never tried it before, at the $50 price point what is there to lose? Give it a try! For April Spa Week, ear candling is only being offered at two intrepid New York spas, but perhaps in October the treatment will have swept Spa Week by storm! In the meantime, visit the following two spas:

Tranquility Salon and Day Spa
Treatment: 50 Min Pressure Relieving Ear Candling

Hilde Demirjian Salon & Spa
Treatment: Ear Candling with Complementary Digital Skin Analysis

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