For upcoming nuptials with British person with messy hair, Russell Brand, songstress Katy Perry may opt for the I Dream of Jeannie of wedding dresses: a spangly two-piece displaying her abs and torso as she walks down the aisle.

Reportedly Perry, like most brides, wants to have a traditional dress with a long train in the back and a Vegas showgirl look going on in the front. It’s not so much that Perry has always dreamed of sashaying to matrimony dressed up like an ice dancer – rather, she’s not ignorant of the entertainment value her wedding will command, and wants to create buzz. She has told friends and reporters that she realizes her wedding pictures will be picked up by magazines, blogs, and tabloids all around the world. Maybe a little cynical to commodify your wedding but eh, you can’t say the girl doesn’t have a head on her shoulders. And it is her day, after all.

She also tells the press, humorously, that Russell Brand is a bit of a wedding micromanager and has developed a startling addiction to bridal magazines.

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