We’re excited to announce that one of our spas has just released they will be offering one of their Spa Week® treatments via iPad: the iPad Infrared Facial, by Vora 22.

Using LED-generated Infrared waves, the iPad Infrared Facial App, launching April 3rd, will transmit heat and holistic energy to your face, and has proved to tighten pores, reduce redness and dark spots, help mend scar tissue and lighten breakouts.

The full treatment lasts for 50 minutes, and with a series of various energies and lights, running the full color spectrum and varying in intensity. An esthetician narrates and gives occasional instructions such as: “Using a warm washcloth, please wipe your face, rubbing upwards,”  and “apply moisturizer to your forehead in a circular motion,” and “now, please place your right cheek against the center of your iPad and hold for 30 seconds.”

With a spa soundtrack playing to enhance the experience, the treatment is said to leave your skin taut, refreshed and glowing, with results 85% as effective as if you had actually been to the spa for an equivalent facial.

Normally $75, the iPad Infrared Facial App will be available for just $50 during Spa Week®, April 12 – 18.

This revolutionary facial is perfectly in sync with Spa Week®’s founding mission of bringing the wellness lifestyle to the masses.

The Spa Director at NYC’s Vora 22, Yasmine Vorana, says: “Spa Week® is always the busiest time of year for us, and we refuse to overbook and risk subpar customer service. We’re hoping that by introducing the iPad Infrared Facial, more clients will be able to experience the true Vora experience right at home.”





April Fools!!!!!!

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