100_2374We sent Jen of Prior Fat Girl for a Spa Madness treatment at Zhen Reflections Spa & Salon in Minneapolis, Minnesota. By now you’ve probably heard hundreds of tales about the typical facial experience but what about the Eminence Biodynamic, or the “Purest Facial on Earth”? The esthetician describes the treatment as the first and only certified organic skin treatment from Hungary made with Biodynamic ingredients. Suitable for sensitive skin, this treatment will revitalize and rejuvenate all skin types with active properties of radish seed, yellow sweet clover and apricot.

Since Jen is an avid health enthusiast who focuses on eating right and staying active, this treatment was right up her alley. She also used the treatment as a new de-stressing activity. We can all use a little less stress. Read about her experience and her amazing healthy living transformation on her blog.

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