We sent guest blogger Sarah Berkley to test out one of our Spa Week treatments, a Thai Poultice Massage, because she spent last summer in Thailand, giving her an authentic basis for comparison. Turns out things happen a little differently in Las Vegas… (and there’s definitely no Spa Week in Thailand)!

Having been to Thailand and gotten a few fabulous full body massages on the beach there, I thought I knew exactly what to expect when arriving at The Spa at ARIA in Las Vegas for a 50 minute Thai Poultice Massage. What I did not know, was what a poultice was. A poultice is basically a little warm sponge type thing (think of a half a lemon you sometimes get in a restaurant when you order salmon) infused with lemongrass, ginger and some other delicious smelling herbs.

I arrived about an hour early to take full advantage of the spa’s hot tub and steam room. I also spent a few minutes laying out on their outdoor deck which overlooks the main pool area with it’s own private pool. After that first hour, I was already completely relaxed, however the Thai Poultice Massage melted my body even more.

There are aspects of the massage that are very common, it’s a full body massage but then they rub the warm poultice all over you in a way that massages, exfoliates, warms and lightly tickles your body all at the same time. Mix that in with some stretches (which was perfect after my 4 mile run the day before) and I could not be anymore blissful.

When the massage ended and I wiped away a tear, I was taken to another area of the spa, which one can take full advantage of after a treatment. There is a room filled with hot stone beds (called Gabanyoku) where you simply lie down on a hot surface and close your eyes. After that, I visited the Shio Salt Room where you sit in a comfy chair with headphones on, and the chair vibrates to the music. My masseuse, Renee, explained that the walls are made of salt, which is extremely good for your upper respiratory system. Apparently, salt miners are in the right profession because they have a history of rarely ever getting respiratory diseases.

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