This weekend in Southern California, things were rockin’ and rollin’…literally. An earthquake (7.2 on the Richter scale!) hit Baja California and was felt all the way up to Santa Barbara and Las Vegas, including the LA area – which led, as you might expect, to a profusion of agitated celebrity check-ins on Twitter.

While it may not have been “the big one”, it was nonetheless a big one – this was the strongest earthquake to hit SoCal in 18 years, since the 1992 Landers quake, which clocked in at 7.3.

Older parts of Los Angeles suffered building damage and a parking structure collapsed on the Mexican side of the border. Here’s hoping for a more stationary week for the Golden State! Which brings us to our travel recommendation: if you’re terrified of earthquakes but really want to visit Southern California, the next few months might be a great time to book a ticket – what are the odds of two big ones in a row? (We don’t really want to know the answer to that.)

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