Just admit it. We all want them, need them and gotta have them. It’s something about the eyes that draws a person in and that allure topped off with striking lashes is a deal sealer for many. The proof is in the pudding, according to WWD, lashes lead sales growth and have become the fastest growing sector of the beauty industry. Sales of false eyelashes have shot up 6.2 percent in the US alone this year, making $44 million. Wowzers! We can probably credit the surging trend to such beauty queens as Beyonce and Lady Gaga who never leave home with out their lashes! Normally, eyelash extensions can run up to $300 or more but during Spa Week you can extend your blinkers for just $50. As part of our Spa Madness we sent Alexis Wolfer of the Beauty Bean to Albina’ SPA in New York and Mary Jo of the Planet Eye Traveler to the All Star Lake Spa in Seattle and they got all the deets of the luxurious treatment. No gunky gluing involved, each eyelash is separately blended into your own one by one. Aside from the 2 hour process for full lashes, and 1 hour for partials, the treatment was virtually painless.

Read about it before you book it at the Beauty Bean and Planet Eye Traveler.

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