bangz3Doesn’t the name just have a pleasant ring to it? Montclair, New Jersey’s  own Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa joined the Spa Madness brigade with Evie Maciel, editor of  Product Pasha to test out the B-Well Facial. The spa stationed in an antiquated former masonic temple basement has won awards for its creative use of a re-established place. For a spa so focused on creating a beautiful environment they must have stellar service.

The B-Well Facial consisted of a skin-care consultation, a thorough cleansing, followed by a constant warm steaming process directed at the problem areas on the face, and a heavenly massage of the arms and hands.  The treatment wrapped with a hydrating mask and a bit of toning in moisturizing.


You can book this treatment and more for just $50 during Spa Week. For a detailed read of Evie’s experience click here.

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