The spas are showing you some serious love by participating in the Spa Week event – and if you’re a good spagoer (we know you are) you should make an effort to show it in return. Here are 3 easy ways to show the spas that you appreciate what they’re doing on your behalf by participating in the event!

Recognize your therapist and be gracious. That person massaging your back in such a divine way? They put as much effort into your treatment as they do to folks paying full price. When someone’s doing something nice for you, doesn’t it make sense to be nice in return? As with so many other things in life, the golden rule still applies here.

Thank the spa for participating. If you discover your new favorite spa, or get to try a treatment that you wouldn’t ordinarily, thank the spa for giving you the opportunity and tell them how much you enjoyed it! They’ll appreciate the feedback and be more likely to participate again…which means you can try even more spas and even more treatments.

TIP, TIP, TIP…! Tip like your life depends on it. In spas, 15-20% is the standard tip, just like in restaurants. During Spa Week, tip what you would if the treatment had been full price – your therapist put the same amount of effort into your treatment as he/she would have if it cost twice as much! Tip on your card, tip in cash, tip in gold doubloons – just whatever you do, don’t forget to tip. (Did we mention tipping is really important?)

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