One thing all women have in common is that if we don’t hate our cellulite, we dread the day it will arrive. My appointment at the American Cellulite Reduction Center (ACRC) was extremely informative on the topic of cellulite—most disappointingly of all, I learned that I had some.

There are 3 levels of cellulite (fast forward to 5:30 of 1st video for the full explanation):

LEVEL 1 – Cellu-LITE. If you have to pinch your skin to see the dimpling, you are a Level 1.

LEVEL 2 – Can you hear me now? Yes, because your cell is in service… and you can see dimpling–to some degree–when you’re standing up.

LEVEL 3 – Don’t take this one laying down. Because Level 3 cellulite is visible even in the most flattering beach position of them all… laying down flat.

Luckily, there are ways to reverse the process no matter which stage you’re in, but the sooner you catch it, the easier it will be. One of the ways involves slipping into a giant body stocking for a treatment called Endermologie.


It ain’t easy being cottage cheesy… but it turns out Endermologie actually feels good! No pain whatsoever, which Shira says is the #1 misconception. Many women actually like it so much that they develop addictions.
Side note: I am not cottage cheesy. Just had to put that out there.

What is Endermologie actually doing to your body? The rollers in the “wand” grab onto the skin, with a little bit of suction, and in the most basic terms, it gets your blood circulating. The #1 and #2 causes of cellulite are water retention and poor blood circulation. Endermologie gets the blood going on the surface (there’s a diagram and classroom-style explanation, 21:30 of the 1st video), and the sensation is like a cool rush of energy just under the skin.

According to Shira, the spa director at ACRC who performed my treatment, when you get a regular massage, they get your blood circulating about 60%. During Endermologie, they can get it circulating 200-600% every single time. Also, if it hurts, it doesn’t mean it works better.

I live-streamed my (very insightful!) Endermologie session so that you wouldn’t miss a thing if you’re considering the treatment for yourself. Shira has had some of the same clients for 8 years. She treats actresses, models, and many women who depend on this treatment to keep them looking taut and feeling like the best version of themselves.

Madonna (who we can arguably agree has one of the best bodies ever) has made it a priority to be totally dimple-free. According to the Daily Mail, the pop icon just purchased a cellulite erasing machine for $75,000. Tisk, Tisk. If only she would have read about Spa Week.

The American Cellulite Reduction Center has joined Spa Week this season to present two cellulite obliterating treatments: the 45 Min One Area Cellulite Reduction with Velashape (see the Velashape video for more on that) and A Full Session Cellulite Reduction with Endermologie– for $50 per session. There is no result after one session. It takes 5-10 sessions to do an effective Velashape and 20-30 for Endermologie, but Spa Week is a great way to try it out on the cheap to see if you’d like to possibly the full package.

The ACRC is actually ENTIRELY book up for Spa Week, but there are a host of others in the Spa Directory who want to smooth your cellulite too.

American Cellulite Reduction Center
611 Broadway, Suite 907 K
New York, NY 10012

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