You’ve all been there. Feet in the hot bubbling water, cuticles being cheerfully clipped away to reveal the best possible version of your most distant extremities… and all the while you’re only thinking one thing: “This foot massage better be good.”

At the luxurious Deva Spa in downtown Manhattan, I tried out the 50 Minute March Forward Pedicure, one of their Spa Week treatment offerings. And let me just summarize: THAT. MASSAGE. WAS. GOOD. The salt scrub before it was equally as enjoyable, but the massage lasted longer. Mellsie had incredibly strong hands, and used a buttery cream so rich that I’m pretty sure could have lasted a full day. I wouldn’t have minded that either. She used a variety of techniques including reflexology, and while I sat in the calming Deva atmosphere sipping on complimentary ginger green tea, my feet indulged in a much-needed vacation.

You can watch the whole pedicure if you’d like. You probably defintely don’t want to, but the option is there. Apologies in advance for my freakishly long toes.

Let the footsie begin…

The Pedicure: Salts, scrubs, butter lotion, hot towels, Priti organic polish and a MacBook Pro that didn’t fall in the pedicure bath.

Deva Spa
425 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013
*Deva Spa is a No-Gratuity spa; everything is included.

Deva Spa is luckily extending their Spa Week for a few days! Call up and send your feet on vacay… your soles are begging you. Deva is also offering a 45 Min Deva Express Facial with Exfoliation and Mask and a 45 Min Botanical Peel with Hydrating Mask for the same $50 deal.

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