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Lips - Before

Lips - Before

Lips - After

Lips - After

“Botox On The Go.” No appointment necessary… just pop in after your manicure, before you pick up the milk. It’s a somewhat mind-boggling new concept pioneered by SmoothMED in New York City, and it’s making waves worldwide.

A German TV crew, on a mission to better understand the pressures New Yorkers feel to be beautiful, came to document my very first face-altering experience at SmoothMED on Friday afternoon. One question remained the root of their segment: “Is this the future?”

As if a walk-in “Botox shop” that gets you in and out in 10-20 minutes isn’t easy enough, Spa Week throws another element of accessibility into the equation: You can do it for $50. In my case, I was offered it free of charge to film this, making the already easy decision-making process easier still, for better or for worse. Does being quick, cheap and easy make this procedure less of a big deal?

I was nervous, not going to lie. I’d never before looked in the mirror and thought, hmm, I could use a syringe of something today. But for the sake of curiosity and making my Schedule of Spa Week Appointments as interesting as possible… I went through with it. I tested their two $50 Spa Week treatments, a 1/4 Syringe of Prevelle for Lip Plumping and a Botox Brow Lift – both which last for 2-3 months and are regularly in the low $100 range.

The brow lift takes 5-7 days to take effect. In about a week I am supposedly going to notice a slight lift (about 2 millimeters) of my eyebrows. Nothing dramatic, and nothing to do with hiding wrinkles. I will update you on those results when the time comes.

screen-shot-2010-04-19-at-123242-amBut the lips plumped immediately. At first I couldn’t tell how I felt about it because they were completely numb, but after living with them for the weekend… I LOVE THEM. They feel totally natural, and the first thing everyone says is that they look totally natural—it’s such a subtle enhancement that makes such a pleasing difference without changing the look of me. No wonder the Germans are investigating… consider me hooked!

I live-streamed the entire thing, and you can watch it right here. Why? I want you to know EXACTLY what to expect from the procedure and be able make a more educated decision as to whether or not this if for you, despite the easy access. If you have any questions not answered here or in the video, please do not hesitate to tweet me @michellejoni or email me: michelle @ (Keep in mind, typically SmoothMED does NOT have a German TV crew following you around with instructions.)

Part 1: The “Welcome to SmoothMED” (beginning) and the opening interview for German TV (end)… everything in between in this segment is pretty boring

Part 2: The Botox Brow Lift, followed by the Prevelle Silk Lip Injections

Part 3: The 18 second sign-off, as directed by the Germans

UPDATE: 6 Days Later— the morning the Botox Brow Lift kicked in!

Click HERE for a 2nd opinion; another woman’s SmootheMED Botox Brow Lift story.

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