Ycompletely-bareou’ve seen the Vajazzle photos everywhere… you’ve seen the Vajazzle video… you’ve read the Man’s take on Vajazzling in the bedroom… and maybe you’ve even been privy to hearing about Penazzling, now offered for men who felt left out of the whole craze. But last night we took Vajazzling to a whole new level: The Live Vajazzle Broadcast.

For the newbies: What in the world IS Vajazzling? Vajazzling is a 2 part process. First comes the Brazilian wax – removal of your hair down there. Or if you get lasered and are already bare, you can skip the wax and move right to part 2:  The application of an adhesive Swarovski crystal design to the forward-facing part of the vagina. Jennifer Love Hewitt started the Vajazzling trend back in January, although Completely Bare Spa has been offering this treatment under the radar for 12 years now under the name “Completely Bare With A Flare.” And then in February, we were thrilled to help bring the trend mainstream by sending Bryce Gruber to make the first-ever Vajazzling video, and then offering it during Spa Week for just $50. If you missed it during Spa Week, lucky for you they’re extending their $50 offers an extra week. Call up and try Vajazzling for less than half the usual price! But wait… not so sure you’re the “Vajazzling type”? Now you can make a more educated decision.

Just like all the treatments we live-streamed during Spa Week, our goal is to show you the real-deal insider peek at every spa treatment in the world. How much does it hurt? How long does it take? Are there SPAwkward moments? No editing here… it’s exactly what you want to know if you REALLY want to know. Although there are no graphic shots of my private parts, this will give you a new look into what you can expect at a Vajazzling appointment at Completely Bare Spa.

The intro (sequined “Vajazzle outfit” optional), the choosing of the crystals, and the Brazilian wax:

Brazilian Wax Part 2, and then getting sparkly:

EXIT POLL: Interview with 2 first-time Vajazzlers AND Brazilian Waxers. How much did it hurt? Would you recommend it to others?

Good to know: Completely Bare guarantees their Vajazzles for 5 days, or they’ll replace your crystals for free.

Completely Bare – Bond
25 Bond Street
New York, NY 10014

Completely Bare – Scarsdale
12 Chase Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583

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