Spa Week® is over (sorta) but with so many treatments in recent memory – from your own indulgences, to Spa Madness!, to Michelle’s live-streamed Spa Week 2010 Schedule, it’s hard to get the images of towels, robes and face creams out of our heads! We’ve chosen not to shun the spa-drobe flashbacks, but rather to celebrate them and maybe implement them into our Spring/Summer fashion lineup. Firstly, a spa-drobe is what your esthetician sticks you in, making the treatment as comfortable as possible. With the Spring 2010 collections showcasing barely-there lingerie as outerwear, wraps, turbans and other questionable trends; we couldn’t help to think that some of these looks were made for the spa! If your two favorite things are fashion and the spa (and we know that’s a lot of you) then read on.

1. The headband is easily one of Spa Week’s most memorable items. Some of might remember it coming in handy as the border between facial and maintaining your mane. Take this look from spa to night courtesy of Lacoste Spring 2010.

2. Maybe you sat in a serene changing room wrapped up in a cozy, heated white robe sipping down a soothing cup of green tea. That robe felt so good you didn’t want to take it off. Now you don’t have to thanks to Chloe Spring 2010.

3. The head wrap made you feel like a sultry 1940’s siren as you waited to began your microdermabrasion. Now you can look like a siren of 2010 by swimwear line, Rosa Cha.

4. Of course we can’t leave out the infamous spa panties. You probably reached an optimum point of frustration with pulling and tugging for coverage that you just said  “what they hay”, let’s go commando.  This look was first made popular on the quirky glutes of Lady Gaga, but Alexander Wang makes it sporty for Spring 2010.

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