The Little Luxury: Pureology NanoGlaze with AntiFade Complex

Relationship status: My new secret weapon. Totally still in the lust phase!

When all the right forces combine… Organic botanicals, humidity-resistant technology and vegetable proteins combine together to give you the perfect styling glaze.

You can’t mess it up: The instructions are simple: pump a quarter-size amount into hands and apply to damp hair, comb through and blow-dry.

The thing you’ll love most: It’s not just for blow-drying! The weather is getting warmer which means you can get away with leaving the house with damp hair. Use the NanoGlaze for air-drying and presto, natural waves and curls will look polished and defined.

Worth the splurge: Pureology products have been consistently successful for me, and this one has proven no different. It’s reliability in a bottle, the products are specifically designed for color-treated hair, and they come with a salon price tag to match—$28. Which is less than Nano in its iPod form, if that makes you feel any better.

A note from the people at Pureology that you probably haven’t seen in a while: “Authentic Pureology products are not sold online from any retailer. To find Pureology products in your area, log on to Pureology.com to find a Pureology salon near you. We don’t credit websites that sell Pureology product.”

Hot Stone Scale: 6 out of 6

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