One of the questions we ask a lot around here is: What are your little luxuries? Whether it’s a hot stone massage or a hike with your honey pie, knowing someone’s favorite little luxuries can tell you a lot about a person. Thus, the basis of our Little Luxury Links page (which, by the way, we’ve been told is super fun to read! Just sayin…).

Last night when Googling around I came across Dianne G who was interested in that same question. But at first glance, it looks like a little luxury disaster waiting to happen: Cohen222 must be a compulsive question-reading creeper, and Dianne G got so excited about the compliment that she rated it Best Answer. Everybody’s screwed.

But wait, not so fast. After doing a little digging, it appears this could be a match made in Yahoo! Answers heaven. In the past 2 years 3 months, Dianne has asked 4335 questions. And, for the past 2 years 2 months, Cohen222 has been a relatively passive member of the community, perhaps only interested in fulfilling his little luxury of watching Dianne G’s questions unfold each day.

What can we say… different strokes for different folks. What do you think the real story is here?

To check out all the other Little Luxuries Dianne G didn’t pick as Best Answer, click HERE.

Tell us YOUR little luxury! Write it in the comments—inspire others to try what you love. Just try not to be too creepy about it.

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