Spa Week isn’t forever, but the wellness benefits and memories are everlasting! We asked for  your Spa Week stories to share with our readers (see the contest HERE); we’re so thrilled to have been able to touch so many lives with a small dose of pampering! We’ve managed to narrow it down to 5 winners, each of whom will be receiving a $50 Spa Week gift card toward their next spa visit. You’ll see them published here throughout the week. Here’s #2–Enjoy!

After a life-threatening head injury, a spa day turned out to be a major turning point in Heather’s recovery.

Submitted by: Heather Worthen

As a mom of five kids in four years, the youngest being just shy of two, my average daily life can be pretty stressful. The months leading up to my spa day were special in that I had suffered a concussion that left me with a minor traumatic brain injury causing sometimes crippling vertigo from BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). For six months my life has been an onslaught of not feeling up to par, weekly (at minimum) doctor’s visits for myself, and just trying to keep afloat. I needed a spa day. Thank goodness for Spa Week!

Spa Moulay at Loews Lake Las Vegas was my answer. On this particular visit I was signed up for a Pomegranate Mojito Sugar Scrub with body butter or massage application. I began by enjoying the vichy shower, eucalyptus sauna, and house blend Mojave Sunset herbal tea. It was impossible not to be comfortable with my therapist, Mark. He had a way of instantly making you feel at ease and like you were the most deserving person of pampering. The treatment began with the sugar scrub. I never had a sugar scrub that left my skin so instantaneously baby-smooth. The scrub was applied and followed by very warm washcloths. After the scrub I chose a massage of the back, shoulders and head over the body butter application. Sometimes you get a massage and you can almost predict what’s coming. This did not happen and Mark’s strong, yet gentle, touch was just what my tired, overworked body needed. When all was said and done I felt beyond renewed.

I went to my physical therapy appointment a couple days following my little spa day. The therapist asked how I had been feeling and only then did it occur to me that for two days straight I had not felt a single bout of dizziness. I’d felt normal! That day was a turning point for me in physical therapy as well as I was finally able to get through the session feeling well and move forward. The results are enough reason for me to go back to Spa Moulay and Mark’s therapeutic hands. Plus, ten days later my feet (which were suffering from horribly cracked heels) are still soft and smooth from the scrub.

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