Spa Week isn’t forever, but the wellness benefits and memories are everlasting! We asked for your Spa Week stories to share with our readers (see the contest HERE); we’re so thrilled to have been able to touch so many lives with a small dose of pampering! We’ve managed to narrow it down to 5 winners, each of whom will be receiving a $50 Spa Week gift card toward their next spa visit. You’ll see them published here throughout the week. Here’s #3–enjoy!

In lieu of a capricious night of scandal and a painful morning hangover, the blushing bride chose to celebrate her bachelorette bash at a relaxing Arizona spa.

Submitted by: Sarah Mangan

I decided to use Spa Week as the perfect time for my bachelorette party.  Instead of a night out drinking and wreaking havoc on our bodies, I thought it would be way more fun to use this as an excuse to spend the evening at a fabulous resort here in Scottsdale and get pampered. We went to Jurlique Spa at the Firesky Resort in Scottsdale. I treated each of my bridesmaids to facials and they each got massages on their own as well!  With such great deals, there was no reason to settle for just one service =).  My sister who’s my maid of honor and I each got facials and massages as well.  It was the best bachelorette weekend!  In between our services we lounged by the pool and instead of waking up dehydrated with hangovers the next day, we all felt well rested and fabulous!

I heard there’s going to be another Spa Week in September – conveniently enough, that’s my birthday month so we’re already planning another spa party!

Image Courtesy of Aisle Dash

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