Sunglasses are an accessory that, over time, have become pretty much an essential. If a Gallup poll were to be taken based on the love of the trend, we can bet most women won’t leave home without them–no matter the season. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so remember: SPF is to the face as Kors and Prada are to the eyes.

We can thank some of the biggest pop culture legends for our obsessive sunglasses addiction today. Jackie O was synonymous for two things– her sophisticated style and a huge pair of shades. Marilyn Monroe might have single-handedly pioneered the seductive cat-eye and the black, and round frames is a John Lennon trademark. Take a stroll with us down memory lane as we reflect on the iconic styles of sunglasses, the stars who love them today, and provide you with some current (affordable!) options to work into your own wardrobe.


Jackie O developed a cult following of classy ladies who lunch starting from her over sized lenses to her ultra glamorous string of pearls. Jackie O’s style lives on in many of the celebrities to date including Jennifer Lopez who works to the trend with a fur coat. Grab yourself a pair of these Oversized Ombre Sunglasses, $30 from


Borrowing from the boys. It seems the coolest icons have been lean, scraggly haired rockers from the 70s. We reached back to John Lennon for style inspiration as his fashion sense is echoed in the style of many celebrities of today including Mary-Kate Olsen. Check out this pair from Cheap Monday, $30 on


Lastly, the 1950s siren oozed sex appeal as we can recall from her famous serenade of President John F. Kennedy. Scarlett Johansson modernizes the look with these Kensie ‘Stella’ Cat’s Eye Sunglasses, $50 from Nordstrom.

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