Guest Blogger: Andrea Syrtash, dating and relationship expert and author of ‘He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s a Good Thing)’

I’m a big believer that you need to indulge in your own life and passions before hoping to find passion with someone else. Single women, don’t wait for any guy to complete you! Be whole, be happy, have fun. People will be drawn to you when you are enjoying your life.

1. Pick a theme song for your life that captures your vibrant self (my friend’s pick: Superwoman by Alicia Keys)! Play it often.

2. Get your next mani/pedi with a girlfriend you haven’t caught up with in a while. Bonding with good girlfriend(s) is great for your emotional well-being and will give you a boost of oxytocin, which will make you feel nurtured and happy.

3. An important aspect of breaking your dating pattern (to find happier and healthier results!) is to get clear on your core values and what you need in and out of a relationship. Create a relaxing space for introspection. Try aromatherapy, light candles, do a ritual.

4. Connect with your wants—indulge! Throw out the word ‘should’ in dating and replace it with ‘want’. Forget that you ‘should be with a guy who….’ and choose men you want to be around (without all the checklists!).

5. As you’re indulging, try the most indulgent spa service you possibly can–a full body hot stone massage or an hour long skin-softening sugar scrub should do the trick!

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