Your iPhone, 3 lip glosses, your wallet, a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, a piece of gum from godknowswhen, an extra pair of shoes just in case– it’s safe to say a woman’s handbag holds her life.

Designer Kumiko Takeda created a spa bag that’s lightweight, easy to maintain, loaded with pockets and compartments, extremely functional and above all… is ready to hold your life, whether you’re taking it shopping, to work, or for a day at the spa. The Kumiko bag is available in purple, brown or black and comes with a little pouch great for holding smaller items… such as those 3 lip glosses.


We’re giving away 3 Kumiko Spa Bags—1 in each color. A $245 value.


Comment on the Spa Week Facebook Page: What’s one semi-unusual item in your bag right now?


Write it on the Facebook wall, or comment on the status thread. Enter by Monday, May 10th, 11:59 PM EST. Winners will be chosen based upon how much fun we think it might be to rummage through the rest of your bag. (But don’t worry, we won’t!)

Once we pick the 3 winners, there will be another little Facebook contest to determine which color each winner will get. Stay tuned!

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